Smart Urban Greening

grow vertically

Using intelligent, data-driven greening solutions we bring nature back to our cities and urban areas without wasting resources. We use small floor spaces on walls and facades to let green areas grow vertically.

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Green up our cities and urban areas


Reduce your CO2 footprint

Due to our dense planted greenings the effective leaf surface, which is able to bind carbon dioxide, will be increased immense.


Enrich the air we breathe

For photosynthesis, plants need water and carbon dioxide CO2, which is metabolized. Fresh oxygen is produced as a โ€œwaste productโ€, with which the ambient air is enriched.


Fine dust filter

Our greening solutions workas natural dust filter which bind and metabolize fine dust particles such assoot, CO2 or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are harmful to the climate and health.


Cool down the ambient air

Plants can store enormous amounts of moisture. The water not only serves the vitality of the plants, but also noticeably cools the ambient air through natural evaporation.


Lower the ambient noise level

The denser greenings are planted, the more it acts as a natural noise filter. In urban areas, the noise level caused by traffic and road noise can be reduced by 40%, thus increasing well-being and quality of city life.


Save resources

Small sensors record performance and environmental data in real time and ensure optimal water and nutrient supply with data-driven control. At the same time, savings of up to 95% can be achieved with the control unit.


What we do.

As a result of the man-made harmful carbon dioxide emissions (COโ‚‚), the earth's climate is warming up due to the greenhouse effect and natural disasters increasing. At the same time, urbanization is increasing worldwide, so that more and more people live in metropolitan areas and are crowding out green spaces from the cities.

By focussing on the many benefits that plants provide to us and our environment, our mission is to increase the amount of green planted areas in cities and urban areas. For this we have developed a modular system that makes it possible to create intelligent and resource-saving vertical gardens with large green areas on limited floor space.

Depending on the current weather conditions, our intelligent control unit always ensures fully automated and resource-saving irrigation. Thus up to 95% water can be saved compared to conventional irrigation systems.

About us

Who we are.

With our expertises in the field of engineering and digitalization we use a combination of modular light-weight greening elements and an intelligent data-driven control systems to let all plants grow in the best possible way without wasting resources to green up our cities and urban areas.

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