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90green's vision is to use intelligent GreenTech solutions to create as much green space as possible on as little land as necessary in our cities and urban areas, thereby actively combating the causes and effects of climate change.

The hardware consists of modular lightweight elements that are attached to a substructure and equipped with various sensors and an automated irrigation system. In combination with a sensor and data-driven control system with cloud connection for the optimal water and nutrient supply to the plants, 90green offers a mass-market, cost-effective and low-maintenance system approach.

In addition to global and national environmental protection goals, such as the reduction and compensation of greenhouse gases, which are pursued with the GreenTech solutions, the modular greening solutions are suitable at a regional level for sustainable and more livable urban development. In addition, green facades create various advantages especially for cities and companies:


We are happy to tell you more about the advantages of our vertical greening system, the installation or the automated irrigation system! We would be happy to send you a non-binding offer for your vertical garden.


Our experts install a substructure specially developed for vertical greening on your facade. With our substructure, we attach great importance to the durability of all components and a weight-optimized, flexible structure. Depending on the requirements of your facade, thermal separation or existing insulation is taken into account. Our substructure, which is installed between the facade and the vertical greening, ensures sufficient ventilation, through which moisture can quickly evaporate.


The modular design of our system allows for quick and flexible installation according to your requirements. Our modules are attached to the substructure like building blocks before the irrigation system is installed. Finally, the already established plants are planted, where they will fulfill their ecological benefit from the day of installation. After assembly, you have access to the data of your vertical garden via a web-based dashboard.

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